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About NIFS- Three Missions

The Kyoto University Center for African Area Studies has established field stations (hereinafter, FS) in several African countries at which research and educational activities are carried out. The Niger FS conducts intensive research and educational activities in Niger and other West African countries, and promotes joint research with local research institutions and the strengthening of cooperative relationships between governmental and non-governmental organizations.

1)Carrying out Intensive Research and Educational Activities

It is not easy to carry out research activities that focus on local African society. One must first understand the area conditions, become proficient in the local language, create connections with local researchers, and prepare all kinds of paperwork. We aim to integrate local education and research and create a new fieldwork tradition through teachers as well as senior and junior students making use of the FS, sharing knowledge, information, and skills, and undergoing in-depth training – “eating from the same pot,” so to speak.

2)Joint Research with Local Research Institutions

We aim to strengthen the FS’s function as an arena for researchers by deepening our cooperative relationships with universities and research institutions in Japan, Niger, and other countries in West Africa, as well as international research bodies, agricultural experiment stations, and meteorological agencies.

3)The Strengthening of Cooperative Relationships with Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations

We attach great importance to researchers establishing a track record by presenting the results of their fieldwork at academic conferences and writing articles, as well as sharing the fruits of their research with society at large. Using the Niger FS as a hub, we will promote both the deepening of our cooperative relationships with governmental organizations such as the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, as well as activities supporting local governments. Furthermore, we aim to contribute to area stability and economic development while cooperating with international aid organizations such as JICA, both domestic and foreign NGOs, and local Niger NGOs.