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Construction of JICA grassroots project site and installation of meteorological instruments

In October 2021, JICA Grassroots Project “Greening Activities with Organic Garbage in the Metropolitan Area of Niamey, Republic of Niger” started and greening sites were constructed at two locations in Niamey city. One new site (1 hectare) was added to the existing site (2 hectares) in village K in the north. A new site (9 hectares) was constructed in the southern village of L. The existing site was repaired with fences and doors. A total of 980 man-days of local villagers worked for the construction and repair in both sites.

Photo 1 Construction of project site in K village

The inhabitants of village K are Songhay-Zarma farmers, and the inhabitants of village L are Fulbe pastoralists. By improving the soil property through the use of urban organic waste, the K villagers hope to try growing fruit trees, including mangoes, in addition to their main crops of pearl millet and cowpeas. The villagers of Village L also want to create pastureland with organic garbage in order to graze their livestock and provide them with better fodder.

Photo 2 Livestock grazing of dry season in L village

In addition, through a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research project (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) “Land rehabilitation-based approach for livelihood support and peace building in Sahel region, West Africa (AY2021-2025)”), weather observation equipment was installed at the newly constructed site, and measurements of temperature, humidity, rainfall, soil moisture, soil temperature, electrical conductivity (EC), etc. have begun at the sites. Interval cameras have also been installed to continue observing and periodically taking photo to capture the soil changes and plant growth progresses as a result of the organic waste from the residential areas in Niamey.

Photo 3 Weather observation equipment in the project site

Combining practical research and measurement activities with social contribution, the project aims to promote the proper disposal of waste and sanitary conditions in Niamey, while collaborating with domestic researchers and Nigerian researchers from the National Meteorological Service, the University of Niamey, Tillabéry University, and the Ministry of the Environment and combating desertification of Nigerien Government, training young researchers, and supervising graduate and undergraduate students. We aim to improve the livelihoods of the local residents and the local community.

Photo 4 Project site in L village

activity record

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