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Agreement reached with Dogondotchi City

October 2011 Agreement reached with Dogondotchi City

We entered into an agreement with the mayor of Dogondotchi city regarding efforts aimed at collecting trash within the city, sending it to degraded lands in order to make these lands more fertile, and avoiding conflict between farmers involved in crop cultivation and those who raise livestock. This agreement is not only an instance of the fruits of research being shared with society, but also one of us supporting a governmental system that had become impoverished under a military administration.

Les accords : 5 points
1) Allotting trash collection work in the city.
2) Restoring degraded land using urban trash in an ecologically sound manner.
3) Developing pastures for cattle herders in areas where the land had become degraded.
4) Along with developing pastures, supporting the pastoral activities of cattle herders.
5) Contributing to peaceful co-existence between farmers and herders as well as helping to stabilize [relations in] the area.

Agreement with the mayor of Dogondotchi (October 28, 2011).
Spreading urban trash on pastureland and the development of pastoral land (February 2012).
Carrying out a vegetation survey with both Hausa farmers and the Fulbe herders.(September 2012)
activity record

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