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Site No.1 ― Dandagoum. Sep. 2011-

Site number No.1
Village name Dandagoum (Department of Dogondoutchi)
Site area 0.2508 hectares
Site construction 2011 September
Urban trash input 2012 February
Amount of trash 252 ton
Urban trash per unit 100.5kg/m²
2017 August (6th year rainy season)

① We could see the abundant plant growth inside of the fences.
② We pollarded the redundant branches to arrange the tree shapes and to thin out the overpopulated trees by cutting down the unnecessary.
③ The unsuitable grass species were removed to increase the favorite fodder for livestock.
④ Women came from the village and collected the edible plants.
⑤ We could not recognize the urban trash on the ground surface.