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Site No.6 ― Ligido No.1, Fév. 2017

Site number No.6
Village name Ligido (Department of Dogondoutchi)
Site area 0.3721 hectares
Site construction 2017 February
Urban trash input
Amount of trash 0 ton
Urban trash per unit 0kg/m²
2017 August

① This site was built on an inselberg (tableland).
② This location was chosen upon request from the Fulbe herdsmen of Ligido village.
③ As the site is far from Dogondoutchi town, and we did not bring urban trash into the site.
④ Shrubs provide shelter against wind and rain and are necessary for livestock when they rest at night.
⑤ Goats are especially vulnerable to rain, which can cool their body temperature and some may even die.
⑥ We can see the trees of Combretum glutinosum (geza in Hausa language) which provide good shelters for livestock.
⑦ There are also many Sida cordifolia (garumani in Hausa language), which is an indicator plant of overgrazing.
⑧ The Fulbe herdsmen in charge hoped to avoid the night grazing.
They were happy that the livestock no longer wonder around at night, making the herdsmen wake up and follow the livestock (in order to prevent livestock-induced crop damage).
They also hoped to improve soil condition with the livestock excrements and create a good pastureland.