Center for African Area Studies , Kyoto University
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Site No. 3 Magazawa. Nov. 2015

Site number No.3
Village name Magazawa (Department of Dogondoutchi)
Site area 0.2890 hectares
Site construction 2015 November
Urban trash input 2016 May
Amount of trash 120 ton
Urban trash per unit 41.5kg/m²
August 2017(4th year rainy season)

① This site is built on a steep slope.
② Urban trash and livestock excrements were washed aside by the rainwater and accumulated at the lower part of the site.
③ We could see abundant plant growth at the end of the fence.
④ We selected three points and made 2×2 meters quadrats for vegetation survey.
⑤ The most predominant species was Indigofera prieureana (kyamero in Hausa language).
⑥ Grass grew on the hard bedrocks where the trash was fed.
⑦ We can recognize the differences between the inside and outside of the fences.