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Site No.5 Dandagoum No.2, Mai. 2016

Site number No.5
Village name Dandagoum (Department of Dogondoutchi)
Site area 0.4564 hectares
Site construction 2016 May
Urban trash input 2016 September-2017 February
Amount of trash 80 ton
Urban trash per unit 17.5kg/m²
2017 August (2nd rainy season)

① This site is first to be constructed on the inselberg (tableland).
We can see the possibility of restoring land on the inselberg as well as its surroundings.
② Amongst the urban trash, we found pumpkins and gourds growing.
③ The herdsman in charge for this site cultivated maize at the inside of site, but they were eaten by his cattle.
④ Plants grew on the wind-blown sand captured by the plastic bags and sandals exposed in the trash layer.
⑤ We could observe plants growing from the sand deposited by the wind on the clothes (rags) in the urban trash,and germination of plants on excrements of cattle.
⑥ We tend to have preconceptions that urban trash is dirty and dangerous, but urban trash contributes to land restoration by catching the wind-blown sand, creating a layer of deposed sand.
⑦ The herdsman in charge of site keeps his livestock inside the fence during nighttime and which enables him to prevent livestock induced crop damage and thus avoid conflicts with farmers.
⑧ He built a hut near the site entrance to prevent livestock theft.