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Site No. 4 Ruga Inamate. No.2, Nov. 2015

Site number No.4
Village name Ruga Inamate (Department of Dogondoutchi)
Site area 0.3217 hectares
Site construction 2015 November
Urban trash input 2016 May-2017 February
Amount of trash 88 ton
Urban trash per unit 27.4kg/m²
2017 August (2nd year rainy season)

① We always experience new discovery from the urban trash induced land restoring.
② Urban trash contains many plant seeds of various species including crop and useful species .
③ While we walk at the inside of the fences and observe the plant during rainy season, we can see the germinating of millet, cowpea, groundnuts, pumpkin, gourd, baobab trees, date, palm and so on.
④ Mr. Abdou, a staff of JICA Niger came to the site and he enjoyed to seeing the landscape of the project site with our project staffs.
⑤ He understood the effectiveness of our “land rehabilitation project by using urban trash for land conflict preventions”1.

The Implementation of Anti-Desertification Measures using Raw Garbage from Cities in the Republic of Niger (Sahel Area, Western Africa)